Life-Point Pro AED defibrillator

The Life-Point Pro AED automatic or semi-automatic defibrillator is easy-to-use and is suitable for use in Adult and Child Cardiac Arrest.IMG_0151

Using a simple three-step audio and visual guide the Life-Point Pro AED is designed for use by both trained and non-trained First Responders. It is always ready to use thanks to its self-test function.

The Life-Point Pro AED defibrillator is shipped in a case with all its accessories. Inside the case, there are scissors, emergency razor and gloves. Life Point Pro AED defibrillator is light weight and weighs just 1.9 kg.IMG_0152

The inbuilt metronome provides guidance on the correct speed of CPR, the metronome  promotes more effective chest compressions. The Life-Point Pro AED software automatically  reconfigures the Defibrillator  for use on child patients the moment when Paediatric pads are installed through its automatic pediatric pads recognition function.

IMG_0146The Life-Point Pro AED defibrillator stores patient rescue data in its internal memory and data recorded when used. can be inspected at any time. The software is remotely updateable.IMG_0153

It has clear, understandable audible commands with adjustable volume. With optional wall – mounting kit and wall cabinet accessories, it is suitable for use in any environment. The Life-Point PRO AED defibrillator  offers excellent quality with cost-efficient spare parts and accessories and 5 year warranty.