Lifepak Defibrillators

Lifepak Defibrillators and Lifepak Defibrillator Monitors provide some of the most advanced defibrillation devices and multi parameter monitors for patients before hospital, during transport and in hospital.

Lifepak CR2 AED (TWO) Emergency Defibrillator

Lifepak Defibrillators include the Lifepak CR2 world leading AED

The Lifepak CR Two (2) sets a new International standard in AED’s with its;
Analysis through CPR – No more stopping CPR and reducing blood flow for analysis.
cprINSIGHT technology automatically analyses and detects if a shock is needed.
Escalating energy 200, 300 and 360 Joules or set as you prefer,
A single defibrillation pad set for ADULTS and CHILDREN,
A five year battery
Press button to swith to Child Mode
Dual Language Options
Check its Pad and Battery status from the Cloud

With Lifepak’s 8 year warranty

The Lifepak CR2 is available in two versions;

  1. With all the bells and whistles including no stopping of CPR for assesing ECG, wifi connectivity and remote management. The Lifepak CR2  has two models the Lifepak CR2 semi automatic  (you press the shock button) or  Lifepak CR2 fully automatic (the device gives a shock automatically)
  2. With the Lifepak CR2 USB essential  you need to pause for the ECG to be analysed and it does not have Wifi connectivity or remote monitoring.The Lifepak CR2  has two models the Lifepak CR2 USB essential semi automatic  (you press the shock button) or  Lifepak CR2 USB essential fully automatic (the device gives a shock automatically)

LifePak® CR Plus Defibrillator  

lifepak-cr-plusLimited stock available

LifePak® CR Plus Defibrillator  First Aid Defibrillator, Industry First Responder defibrillator The LIFEPAK® CR Plus defibrillator was created specifically for the first person at the scene of a sudden cardiac arrest. Designed for the minimally trained and infrequent rescuer, it’s easy to understand and use in a cardiac emergency, when every second counts. It’s just plain simple. Just click Lifepak® CR Plus product page

For Lifepak® CR Plus Charge Paks, replacement parts, batteries, pads and accessories.  Lifepak CR Plus batteries, pads and accessories

Lifepak Express AED – The Lifepak Express AED is a little brother of the Lifepak CR Plus that has;

Lifepak Express sAED

  • a slightly smaller internal battery
  • that provides up to 140 minutes operational time
  • and up to 20 defibrillation shocks.

The Lifepak Express has a 5 year warranty rather than the 8 year warranty of the CR Plus and does not come with a soft shell case as the Lifepak CR Plus has.

Great value at around $1500  To find out more just follow this link


LifePak® 1000 Defibrillator

LifePak® 1000 Defibrillator  Ambulance and Patient Transport service, General Practice, Hospital Ward defibrillator

  • Lifepak 1000 AED Manual Defib Monitor frontadvanced automated external defibrillator (AED) platform that
  • can be upgraded and configured to meet a wide range of emergency response needs.
  • The all new cprMAX technology included in the device allows medical directors of emergency medical services (EMS) the flexibility to implement protocols as they evolve, improving patient care.
  • Can be used with Paediatric Pads
  • Can be used in Manual Defibrillator mode.
  • Displays ECG when used with adaptor cable

Lifepak Defibrillators were made by Physio Control, then Medtronic and now again manufactured by Physio Control a wholly owned subsidiary of Stryker

Lifepak Defibrillators LifePak® 20E Monitor Defibrillator

The Lifepak 20 E Monitor / Defibrillator is ideal for Ambulance, Military, Air Ambulance, Hospital Defibrillator

  • Lifepak 20 E Monitor / Defibrillator / AED / SPO2Fuel Manual Defibrillation
  • AED mode defibrillator
  • Large Colour Monitor
  • 50 mm Printer
  • Available with SPO2
  • Available with External Pacing
  • Battery and 240 Volt automatically switchable
  • Can have Internal defibrillation paddles attached
  • Intuitive User Menu


Lifepak 12 Monitor Defibrillator

The Lifepak 12 has been superseded by the Lifepak 15 but is still fully supported with Pads, Batteries and Accessories. From time to time we have quality used Lifepak 12 units that are available for sale.

Lifepak 12 refurbished like a new Lifepak

The LifePak® 12 is easy, simple, and offers a range of variants that may include the following;

  • Non Invasive Blood  Pressure
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • End Tidal Carbon Dioxide measurement
  • 10 Wire 12 Lead ECG
  • External pacing
  • 5 cm Multi Parameter printer
  • Can be optioned to run on Batteries and 240 Volt

LifePak® 15 Defibrillator, Monitor and Vital Signs Monitor

The most advanced of the Lifepak Defibrillators is the Lifepak 15 Monitor Defibrillator is the ideal Paramedic, Emergency Department, CCU, Hospital Theatre,  Air Ambulance and Hospital defibrillator,Lifepak 15 Monitor / Defibrillator / AED The most dynamic and diverse device of its kind.

The LifePak® 15 is easy, simple, and offers affordable upgrades which can include;

  • Non Invasive Blood  Pressure
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • End Tidal Carbon Dioxide measurement
  • 10 Wire 12 Lead ECG
  • External pacing
  • Up to 2 x Invasive monitoring ports
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • 10 cm Multi Parameter printer
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Can be optioned to run on Batteries and 240 Volt

The Life-Point Pro AED  semi-automatic defibrillator

The Lifepoint AED Pro is easy-to-use and is suitable for use in Adult and Child Cardiac Arrest.






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